best editing in a foreign language film NOMINEE
madrid International Film Festival
feature film / 2015

directed by: Martin Jelinek
cinematography: Ales Lnenicka / Filip Rejc
edited by: Jana N.
Jakub, co-owner of the agency Dolce Travel, leaves Prague and takes a weekend off from work to go back to his hometown and celebrate his mother’s birthday with his family. There he meets Ilona, an old childhood friend he hasn’t seen in many years and with whom he goes on an intense and intimate road trip through Czech Republic and Austria.
Road movies are all about the main characters and their physical and inner journey – this film is no exception. Jakub and Ilona represent two different worlds and two apparently distant parallel lines that will never touch. But this journey is the intersection between Jakub’s pragmatism and Ilona’s spiritual freedom. During the course of a weekend Jakub’s entire life is thrown into confusion and Ilona’s explosive love for the simple joys in life forces him to reevaluate his whole down-to-earth approach.