documentary feature film / 2015

directed by: Bibiana Benova / Michael Kabos
cinematography: Michael Kabos / Ferdinand Mazurek
edited by: Jana N.
Ideals are peaceful.
History is violent.
Heroism is often a by-product of bad luck.
Since the early 20th century, there was an Austro-Hungarian training ground in Milovice. After the establishment of Czechoslovakia, the new state’s army entrenched itself here, but was forced to capitulate without a fight after Munich. After liberation, the Czechoslovakian army returned and in step with political developments underwent a number of crucial stages. In August 1968 the Milovice training ground was occupied by the Soviet army.
The last soldier left Milovice in 1991. This place, influenced by the presence of armies for a century, has lost its significance. An experimental documentary about the vanishing places through which 20th century history marched.