web series / 2018
written / directed by: Jana N.
Jana considers herself to be a directrice and they kindly let her think so. She used to be fairly normal.
Now she does web series about her everyday life experiences. This makes sense.
EPISODE 1 / How to lose weight, friends and money... in one day
This particular episode tells the story of Jana's gym-going attempt when the Spring is in full swing. You might also find the answer to the ultimate question of the effective fat shedding, according to Jana.
EPISODE 2 / Love pussy and eat schnitzel... or the other way round
This episode tells another of Jana's stories, now she experiences the love factor, the nature calling. She finds out that having sex and getting educated at the same time is very likely. She also learns that Brazilian wax could be much more than just tears and smooth skin. The Wiener Schnitzel recipe is not included.
EPISODE 3 / Oh boy, oh boy, are you ready to get seduced? (and please say yes)
This episode tells another of Jana's stories, this time she has called her mom on Mother's Day. And she is getting more than she gives. She also learns that Alzheimer and daydreaming are not that different after all, but there are consequences.
EPISODE 4 / Something old, new, borrowed and bobo
This episode tells another of Jana's stories, this time she is forced to contribute something special to her individual self-identity following family tradition and cultural legacy. She comes to a conclusion that unmarried actually is the new single.
EPISODE 4 / party animal
This episode tells another of Jana's stories, where she explains why and how she does party. While exploring the depths of her daddy issues she realizes that some of her dumbest decisions were made under influence. Not all of them, though.